Wool Accessories Store
When we took over this client, our main goals were to develop the strategy, implement it and optimize ads for the full- spectrum of the funnel while maintaining consistent results.
To achieve this goal we concentrated on creating holistic Facebook ad campaigns that put the right message in front of the right people at the right time (with a heavy focus on retargeting).
Monthly Ad Spend
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The Client is an established wool accessories brand that has  been in the Lithuanian market for 19 years. It has 4 physical stores in 4 of the biggest cities in Lithuania and launched their e-commerce store in 2017. The Client had an in-house marketing manager who has been  running Facebook Ads for quite some time. Yet, when analysed they were mostly boosting posts and doing basic retargeting for website visitors. Even though they made some money back, the results were very inconsistent and the performance was going up and down like a rollercoaster.

Monetary ROI
For every e-commerce client we work with, we implement the
Graduation Testing Method.  The idea behind this method is to test all campaigns, ad sets and ads for winning indicators using small budgets first. This helped us to reach a total Return on Ad Spend of 18.93 within 4 months (€31,495 from €1,663 ad spend) and ensure we were getting good results on a consistent basis. 

Even though the client's budget for Facebook ads was very limited, we have been able to build a strong foundation through graduation testing, which gives us an massive opportunity to scale this account. The Average order value is €48  and we"bump it up" through upsells at the checkout stage.

Seasoned Pixel = Big Advantage
Knowing that the client’s Pixel was about 2 years old, we knew
that it was seasoned very well so we decided to focus mostly on
Lookalike audiences with some demographic targeting at the Top of Funnel (never heard of your business/product before).

The Client had high profit margins as they are manufacturing all of their products themselves, so they have a lot of room for leveraging big discounts. As part of their marketing strategy,  they were doing sales events with discounts from 30% to 50%  very often. Knowing that the Lithuanian market is very sensitive to discounts, we immediately knew that we can attract new customers with these offers quite profitably. 

We started testing different Lookalike audiences with different  ads. We sliced & diced different custom audiences to find which ones are the best seed audiences for our Lookalikes. After we found a winning adset + ad combination, we started optimizing it by testing different ad formats, ad creatives, ad copies and headlines.

Full-Funnel Sequential Marketing
We also developed a full-funnel sequential  retargeting ads stack that helped to serve the ads to the full spectrum of warm audiences (engaged with ad), hot audiences (engaged with ad & website) and existing customer audiences.

Most of our retargeting campaigns were built with the Catalog Sales
objective, allowing us to show Dynamic Product Ads (DPA),  carousels ads and Dynamic Collection Slideshow Ads and this allowed us to differentiate the ad content for each lead by showing the exact products they were interested in.

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