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When we took over this client, our main goal was to make their campaigns profitable (Breakeven = 2.5X ROAS due to 40% margins). They were struggling to break even the previous 2 months with their previous agency.
To achieve this goal we simplified their account/campaign structure, created a tailored retargeting funnel, tested rigorously but quickly and implemented our proven scaling strategy (we also audited their website to improve their conversion rate).
Monthly Ad Spend
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This Client was gaining the bulk of their sales from retail channels and had their first experience online via Amazon. This allowed them to see whether their products worked online, which it did due to them generating consistent Amazon sales. The Client had worked with a previous agency before us to start building their social sales channels aka Facebook and Instagram however afer 2 months they were struggling to break even or even get their money back on the ad spend. That is where we came in and took them from barely breaking even on the ad spend to achieving a consistent 3.5X ROAS during a 6 month period and even a 4X+ ROAS during the high of the pandemic!

Recycling Creative = Consistent Results
The screenshot shows an ad spend of £37,739.94 which generated £133,012.56 (£37,739.94 X 3.52) in gross sales within a 6 month window. Our higher metrics were as expected from our retargeting funnel that captures those who have either already shown an interest in the brand or shown an intent to buy with most of the sales coming from our HOT re-targeting campaigns (conversion and catalogue sales) e.g. re-targeting abandoned carters and other website stages while our previous buyer campaign worked really well when we had "new products" or a "new collection" to cross-sell to existing customers.

Recycling our creative (utlizing different images, unboxing videos, UGC content and slideshows at the scaling stage as well as the testing phase was essential to avoiding "ad-set fatigue" which typically happens when a good performing ad-set starts to decline. Once we started to notice our scaled audiences declining in performace, we would recycle our creative and this would often maintain performance or even increase it!

Our cold prospecting campaigns (targeting those who have never heard of the brand) did bring sales, for this brand what worked well was longer form copy and UGC content at the prospecting stage but ultimately the consistent sales did come from our re-marketing & re-targeting campaigns. This approach led to a higher CTR (click through rate), a lower CPC (Cost per click) which ultimately decreased our CPA (cost per acquisition) and increased our ROAS!

Covid19 Results

This brand was lucky enough to be able to still produce & ship their products despite the lockdown restrictions.

And during one of the toughest months (April) we actually experienced an increase in traffic to the website which inevitably turned into sales. As you can see from the video, we spent £4,776 and brought back £19,370 which was a 4.05 ROAS.

During this period we also spent some time utilizing facebook audience insights tool to find new potential winning audiences. How? By typing in our winning interests in the "interest section" then going to "page likes" and seeing which pages had the highest "affinity" with our winning audiences and which ones were available as interests. This helped us find further winning audiences. Some winning interest we found were "snack food", "energy bar", "low-carbohydrate diet".
Previous Buyer Campaign
This is one of the campaigns we utlize within our holistic account structure. Our goal ultimately is to convert as many potential customers to buyers as we possibly can and we do this by having an "account structure that matches the customer journey" including those who most would consider are no longer within the customer journey... PREVIOUS BUYERS.

 Most do not retarget previous buyers and this is a mistake! As these are the customers that will most likely buy the "new collection" or just go back for an "old favourite".

Here, we keep the copy short and sweet and offer a small discount just to entice the previous buyer to buy again.

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