Supplement Store
Wanted to utilize paid advertisement to drive traffic to their website to ultimately generate sales. 
To achieve this goal we set out on creating a Facebook ad campaigns that concentrated on generating sales through sequential marketing.
Monthly Ad Spend
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Our client's marketing strategy was more based on traditional marketing although work was done in the past for their online branding . The competition within the supplement eCommerce niche is ever growing and the fact they didn't have a digital strategy or systems in place for new customers meant they were were missing out on a whole new customer base and potential thousands in the process. So, to combat this we went about creating a holistic ad strategy starting with cold traffic then building up to hot traffic, re-targeting and existing customer campaigns.
Monetary ROI
 The screenshot shows an ad spend of $3,996.49 which generated $18,264 ($3,996.49 X 4.57) in gross sales within a 4 month window. This came from mainly hot re-targeting ads e.g. re-targeting abandoned carts and cross-selling to existing customers (month 3 and 4).

Cold ads (targeting those who have never heard of your brand) did bring sales but the focus was to bring traffic to the website to then re-market. This approach led to a lower CPC (cost per click) and increased conversation rate.

Social ROI
There were two main reasons why we did social campaigns. The first being to drive interest and brand trust. And secondly to be able to re-target to those who showed an interest in our brand with more tailored ads for monetary ROI.

As you can see with the screenshot this engagement ad gained 1000+ engagements (likes, comments, shares) which is great for social ROI. From the ad we took everyone who engaged then targeted them with traffic ads for the same product (BCAAs protein powder) and from that ad we re-targeted people who went to the product page, added to cart but didn't purchase. This ad was positioned to start the customer on their customer journey.

Sequential Marketing
Sequential marketing allows us to track the customers journey over time. The use of the Facebook pixel and custom audiences was vital here to be able to accurately target and "nudge" those potential customers into buyers.

The screenshot shows an example of an ad that was made to re-target those who had interacted with a certain ad and who had also left the "recovery +weight loss combo" in the cart e.g. abandoned cart. We split tested 3 different abandoned cart ad copies and found this to be the best performing despite it's simplicity (no need for discount).

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